Power/Ground Plane Capacitance is an essential tool in making subnanosecond logic work well, and take up less PCB space.

I recommend Eagleware simulation and layout Software and the T-Tech PCB Milling Machine as excellent tools to allow you to prototype and optimize new designs.

I'm very familiar with Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers and Agilent Network Analyzers.



  • SI Instruction
  • SI Design
  • A/D and D/A Interface
  • Active and Passive delay equalized filters
  • RF Communications Design
  • Design Reviews

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Who Am I?
I am an analog engineering design specialist who has been in the industry since 1970. I now teach a consise Signal Integrity (SI) course, and I do analog and SI consulting on a contract basis.

Solving engineering problems and helping to teach my clients to solve their own problems is what I look forward to!

Gary L. Sanders
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