"Good engineering training allows the engineer to work on a broad range of projects by applying the skills of research and self-training. The projects listed below demonstrate this kind of diversity."

1988 - Developed and designed the first all-electronic switch-hook full-feature telephone for Plantronics Corporation.

1991 - Designed a programmable Gen-lock video system, with time-base correction, for Silicon Graphics (SGI) that could be programmed for any type of video standard. This system was documented in a SMPTE Journal article.

1992 - Designed a discrete broadcast-quality NTSC/PAL video encoder daughtercard for Silicon Graphics (SGI).

1994 - For my own company, Sanders Media Adventures, Inc., I created a broad line of delay-equalized, thick-film hybrid video filters for Consumer through Broadcast applications.

1999 - Pioneered a bypassable noise filter system for improving the noise and distortion characteristics of data acquisition products for Celerity Systems (now a division of L-3 Communications).

2001 - Developed a back-end amplifier, electronic switch, and attenuator board with 48dB maximum gain and 64dB of attenuation with a frequency response of +-0.5dB and a phase response of +-1.0 degree from 20 MHz to 500 MHz (with no adjustments).


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