Contract Analog Engineering
($110 per hour, plus expenses from Portland Oregon)

1. A/D and D/A interface for lower noise and distortion.
2. Active and passive filter design, for noise, anti-aliasing, and reconstruction purposes. I formerly founded Sanders Media Adventures, Inc., and pioneered the production of hybrid, laser-trimmed video filters.
3. Design Review services, to catch Signal Integrity and analog problems.

Troubleshooting your designs- in over your head? Signal Integrity problems? I'll come in and fix it!

5. Experienced in tracking down noise, spurs, and EMI.
6. RF Communication circuit design. With techniques to maximize amplifier performance. Experienced in designing with mixers, attenuators, and SAW filters.
7. Loudspeaker design and room equalization.
8. E-mail or call for a quotation.


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